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Levels 3 and 4

NZC Achievement Objectives
Te Mātauranga o Aotearoa
  • Astronomy: Learn about the parts of the solar system, including the planets and their moons, with a developing understanding of the distances involved, and the factors relating to space exploration.

  • Ranginui: Ka ako haere i ngā wāhanga o te whānau a Tama-nui-te-rā, tae atu ki ngā aorangi me ō rātou marama, e mārama haere ai ki ngā tawhiti, ki ngā āhuatanga hoki e pā ana ki te toro ātea.

Learning Intentions
Integration Ideas

Learning Intentions are from the Ministry of Education

Integration ideas are from the Ministry of Education

Level 4

  • Students can use binoculars, telescopes, and star maps to observe and describe the night sky. Such major features as the Moon, planets, prominent stars, and significant constellations.

  • Students can research traditional knowledge about celestial patterns and knowledge was used in traditional technologies.

  • English (Writing and Presenting): Listen to waiata that describes some feature of the natural environment and retell the story in writing.

  • English (Writing and Presenting): View photographs of a local environmental feature and co-operatively write a newspaper story to accompany it.

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