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Levels 1 and 2

NZC Achievement Objectives
Te Mātauranga o Aotearoa
  • Earth Science: Learn how volcanoes and earthquakes change the appearance of the landscape, particularly the effects on mountains and rivers.

  • Papatūānuku: Ka ako haere me pēhea te rū whenua me te puia e huri ai i te āhua o te takiwā, me ngā pānga ki te maunga, ki te awa hoki.

Learning Intentions
Integration Ideas

Learning Intentions are from the Ministry of Education

Integration ideas are from the Ministry of Education

Level 1

  • Students can contribute to a class brainstorming session on how they can care for their local environment.

Level 2

  • Students can suggest features of their local landscape that may have been affected by people.

  • Social Sciences: Why people belong to groups eg. Kiwi Conservation Club

  • Social Sciences: Why particular places are important for people eg. Special places in the natural or cultural environment.

  • Social Sciences: Different resources that people use eg. Home vegetable gardens, the use of materials in the local environment to build shelters

  • Social Sciences: Ways in which communities reflect the cultures and heritages of their people eg. Signs of different cultures in the local environment.

  • Social Sciences: How people’s activities influence places and the environment and are influenced by them eg. The location and use of water sources.

  • The Arts (Dance): Learn and share cultural dances based on environmental themes and using dance elements in contrasting ways.

  • The Arts (Visual Arts): Develop individual ideas to include in a group project, such as a class mural on an environmental theme.

  • English (Reading and Viewing): View a television advertisement for an “environmentally friendly” product and consider how the product is presented to the viewer through dialogue, words on the screen, music, and types of characters.

  • Technology: Produce technological solutions in a range of technological areas and contexts.

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