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Levels 1 and 2

NZC Achievement Objectives
Te Mātauranga o Aotearoa
  • Properties and Changes of Matter: Observe and describe the major properties, such as colour, texture, odour, of familiar materials, and the changes that occur when materials are mixed, heated, or cooled.

  • Ngā Āhuatanga me ngā Panoni Matū: Ka mātakitaki me te whakamārama i ngā āhuatanga nui, pēnei i te tae, i te kakano, i te rongo, o ngā matū e mōhio whānuitia ana, me ngā panoni e puta mai i te ranu, i te whakawera, i te whakamātao rānei i te matū.

Learning Intentions
Integration Ideas

Learning Intentions are from the Ministry of Education

Integration ideas are from the Ministry of Education

Levels 1 and 2

  • Be able to investigate and describe the changes that take place when popcorn kernels are heated.

Level 2

  • Be able to describe, from observation, how cream changes physically as it is made into ice cream!

  • Be able to describe the taste of various ingredients in terms of sweetness, sourness, bitterness, or fizziness

  • Social Sciences: Customs and traditions associated with participation in cultural activities eg. The uses of natural materials to make clothing, special foods for ceremonies. 

  • Health and Physical Education: Describe and demonstrate simple health care and safety procedures eg. Safety on the road, in the playgrounds, in the water

  • Health and Physical Education: Identify and use safe practices and basic risk-management strategies eg. Sun protection, negotiating traffic

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